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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blinded Thoughts

Have you ever made a rash decision, then taken it back? And then, in the light of both those decisions, changed your mind again? And then, in the midst of those consequences, have you ever come to realize that you're a pretty bad person? I have. I don't really want to explain it at all, really. I really hope no one reads this at all. Because I can't say what I want to. So don't ask.

My theme song as of late: I'm a Terrible Person, by Rooney.

A Brief Update

To those of you who have been seeking new blog insights from myself, here they are:

I love Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for everything.
School is practically over.
I love my work.
It's impossible to go even an hour without saying the word "what."
Still making mistakes.
Not really learning from them.
Wish I was.

There you go.