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Saturday, August 30, 2008


So apparently I disclose way to much in my blogs. Time to be discreet!

Life is good. And sad. And busy. And happy. And at times overwhelming.

There's my life. Discreet and in a nut shell.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

At Peace, With Every Piece

I was wrong to doubt.

Out of all the books of the Twilight Saga, this book, Breaking Dawn, by far exceeded anything I could have hoped for in my expectations of the ending. The perfect ending. Some might argue that it was too perfect. But not me. Stephenie Meyer created her masterpiece. She tied all the knots, she fixed the things she broke, and in the end, it was the happily ever after we'd all been wanting since Book One. Of course, that doesn't mean it came in the forms we thought it would.

I loved this book.

But then, my take on this book might be a little different than the average Twilight reader. Because secretly, and quite surprisingly, I found at the end of Eclipse that I had fallen in love with everyone's favorite Werewolf. Edward and Bella were a technicality; I knew they would be together in the end, because it's what everyone wanted, and Stephenie Meyer would have been a fool to starve them of that desire. But Jacob was my main priority; Seeing him satisfied was my only goal. And I got that, I got even more. It was like a puzzle I was hoping would be pieced together, and when it finally was, I found that not only were the pieces a perfect match, but that I loved the image they displayed. That was more than I could have hoped for. So bless Stephenie Meyer for granting me the wishes I didn't even consciously wish for.

But I did love Bella and Edward. I've always admired the way their love was portrayed. It's what started this story in the first place. The only difference is that it expanded, grew as it developed, until it wasn't just one story, it was several intertwined together to make what is Breaking Dawn. And I loved them all.