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Friday, December 7, 2007

A Change in the Weather

I hate 7:30 class. Not necessarily the class, although Math never was my forte, but the timing of it all is just so....inconvenient. Once next week is over, I'll be free from the chains of early rising and yawning for the rest of the day (which begins to hurt one's jaw). There is, however, one thing I've always enjoyed from getting up before most other students, and that is walking to class. You wouldn't believe some of the things I've seen in the dawn of morning that took my breath away. It's like a small present saying, "I know it's hard, but thanks for doing it anyway." The weather never disappoints me, despite the cold temperatures. I've encountered sunrises that give me purple mountains and golden clouds, I've seen a full moon setting over a beautiful horizon, walked through a soft snow in the growing light with no one around but myself. Today I left my apartment and found that I could see nothing twenty feet ahead of me, because of a fog that had settled over the valley. Sometimes I can't help but laugh in awe at some of the things I see.

I took my time as I walked through the mist, admiring it at every angle, and taking it all in, even as my ears started to hurt from the cold. Logan is a beautiful place, I've never been anywhere like it that has such a variety of conditions. So, despite the earliness, the math, and the relentless cold, I'm almost sad to see it go. It always was such a wonderful way of starting a day. Even if I do get an extra hour of sleep, I'll miss the calm of it all. No one ever seems to appreciate the small moments of beauty they see, but the nice thing about it is that they're there all the same, for those who don't care, and for those of us who do.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Regarding Kissing

You know, I used to hate myself because of my past. I felt like I had kissed a lot of people, and that this was unusual. Lately, however, I have found that the world is addicted to kissing. No, not the world, people I know. It's different. Kissing boyfriends, girlfriends, random people, on dares, on stage, the list goes on and on in a whirl of repetition. Everyone loves to kiss. I loved to kiss. You'll never hear me deny it, I thought kissing was fun. And then I kissed this one person, and only him for an extended period of time (Don't be gross. I only mean we dated for a long time), and now that he is gone, I find myself repulsed by the thought of kissing anyone else. It's a shame that I can't give my heart away to anyone else, seeing as it is thousands of miles away. It hurts a little, but that's something I've adjusted to.

Why is it that kissing someone once is alright now? I thought kisses were supposed to be special, something you gave to only someone you cared about. It seems that even the slightest crush these days permits one to kiss. But.....shouldn't kissing be something....special? I'm sad that there are so many who take it so lightly. Did it happen overnight, or have I just become less oblivious. Hmmm. Sometimes the world changes. Sometimes I do.