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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When it Rains.......

For the record, I should not be writing right now. I should be concentrating on writing a talk about setting goals and why it's important to follow through with them. I can't. I'm not good at speaking to the masses, I wasn't made for that sort of thing. The Bishopric took the liberty of ripping me from my comfort bubble! I have yet to find my happy place this week, as you can see.

On top of this, I have two exams on Thursday which I am unprepared for, and a Math exam the next week. And homework, don't forget homework. To top off this load of monstrosity, our RA scheduled Apartment Inspections for tomorrow. Needless to say, I haven't felt this stressed in almost a year.

Were I not so busy, I might almost miss this overwhelming feeling of having too little time and too much to do. Too often, my afternoons are spent dawdling, or watching TV. I've become a real junkie. Megan and I have moved on from Psych, to Angel, to Gilmore Girls. And in this time, I probably could have studied for Marriage and Family, or completed that extra homework assignment for math.

This is probably the most uninformative (Or at least most uninteresting) blog I have ever written. I like writing about things I like writing about, not stress induced weeks that make me feel as though any moment my head will take the liberty of spontaneously combusting. This blog is just a blog to vent out all the pent up, misunderstood frustrations that can't be compromised, and can't be subdued. C'est la vie? Really?